Symbols of Fukuyama: Roses and Fukuyama Castle


Fukuyama City incorporated as a city
Castle keep designated as a national treasure
Fushimi-yagura Turret, the O-yudono(Bathhouse), and Sujigane-Gomon Gate are designated as national treasures
The castle keep, O-yudono(Bathhouse), and other structures are destroyed in the Fukuyama air raid
1,000 roses
Rose Park begins construction
Fukuyama Castle ruins are designated a national historic site
50th anniversary of the incorporation of Fukuyama City: Castle keep, Tsukimi-yagura(Moon-viewing turret) , and O-yudono(Bathhouse) are reconstructed
First Fukuyama Rose Festival held
Rose is designated the official city flower
Rose Hill is completed in Midorimachi Park
Rose Park receives the Award of Garden Excellence from the World Federation of Rose Societies
550,000 roses
May 21 designated Rose Day by ordinance of Fukuyama, City of Roses.
One million roses
400th anniversary of the construction of Fukuyama Castle
In a major community project for the Reiwa period called “Great Construction Project in the Reiwa Period,” work is done to restore Fukuyama Castle to how it appeared in ancient times, including adding iron plates to the north side of the castle keep and other work


History of Roses in Fukuyama Community Development

The history of roses in Fukuyama City community development began in the mid-1950s, when residents planted 1,000 roses to symbolize their hopes for post-war recovery. Over 60 years later, in 2016, Fukuyama officially became the “City of a Million Roses.”

Today, there are many beds of roses tended by local residents all over town to soothe people’s souls and add color to their lives.

These surroundings cultivated a “rose mindset” (compassion, kindness, and helping one another) that came to be implanted in each and every citizen’s heart.


WFRS 20th World Rose Convention in Fukuyama

Held every three years, the World Rose Convention is the largest of the conventions held by the World Federation of Rose Societies, which boasts members from 40 countries around the world.

The Federation has decided to hold their 20th Convention in Fukuyama City in recognition of the city’s rose-centric community development and cultivation of a The Community Spirit of Fukuyama “Rose Mind” for over 60 years since the end of the war.
“Rose Mind”is an expression that came about during the half-century following Fukuyama’s postwar reconstruction efforts.
Rose mind encompasses the idea of compassion,kindness,spirit of mutual cooperation.
This expression also contains other ideas such as a desire for peace as well as a love and kindness towards others developed through the cultivation of roses.