About Fukuyama daimyos

Daimyos of the Mizuno family, the Matsudaira family, and the Abe family.

Matsudaira Tadamasa, the first Matsudaira daimyo of the Fukuyama domain

erm of office

1700 – 1710

Year of birth and death

1683 – 1746

In 1700, Tadamasa was relocated from Yamagata to Fukuyama, but he ran into difficulties deciding on his territory. After the land survey was completed and the specific territory was decided, Tadamasa finally entered the Fukuyama domain in 1709. However, he was forced to again relocate to Ise Kuwana in 1710 (the seventh year of Hoei). Therefore, his reign lasted only a little more than 10 years.